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Finding Someplace

Hurricane Katrina turns Reesie Boone's life and neighborhood upside down. The terrible storm scatters her family and friends across the country. Will things ever be the same again?

No Ordinary Sound

Fairness and equality for all people are music to Melody Ellison's ears.

A Girl Named Rosa

When Rosa Parks was a young girl, she had to walk to school. Only white children were allowed to ride the bus. Years later, grown-up Rosa's decision to keep her seat on a city bus helped to change America.

A Matter of Souls

This stirring collection of short stories considers the souls of black men and women across centuries and continents.

Dare To Dream...Change the World

From Jonas Salk to Martha Graham, thirty of our nation's most prestigious poets focus their creative vision on people who not only changed their own lives, but the lives of people all over the world.

Ma Dear’s Old Green House

Cousins, cousins everywhere! What are summers like at Ma Dear’s house ? They’re full of fun... until the cousins get an unexpected surprise.

The Adventures of Midnight Son

In the midst of the approaching Civil War, Midnight Son’s parents make the dangerous decision to help him escape from the Texas plantation where they are all held as slaves. Alone, frightened, but determined to be free, Midnight finds himself in Mexico. There, he learns to build a new life: as a friend, as a cowboy, and as a free man.